Grab my Yoga For Life Checklist 

The easiest way to prioritize your yoga routine, get motivated to keep on track and stay consistent!

Just a few years ago, I was struggling to keep a consistent yoga schedule. Even though I was going to the gym and doing cardio, my health was at an all time low, I had terrible anxiety and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. In 3 short months I went from trying everything and getting nowhere to having a consistent daily yoga practice where I started getting inspired, calm, physically & emotionally stronger and full of energy.

Wondering how I did it? I created this Yoga for Life Checklist for you so that you can:

· Get flexible and strong

· Feel more calm & rid yourself of anxiety

· Use your yoga practice to transform your life off the mat

· Free yourself of aches and pains

· Join over a thousand women who are already reaping the benefits!​

Pauline Weston

This guide is ALL that I needed to get back on my yoga mat. All you need to do is implement these 6 steps and not think any further...just do it! Thanks Sara!

I found the Yoga for Life Checklist very helpful! Thank you so much! Your checklist has given me new ideas such as the vision board and essential oils.

Dawn Shilling
Lexi Bentley-LaGreca

If you are new to yoga or just wanting to explore and learn more I highly recommend Sara's yoga for life checklist. It helped me focus on things I wouldn't have even thought of before and she is very inspirational and motivating.

Sara Lou

This is the first time I'm sharing the exact methods I use. You'll be amazed at how easy it can be!