Grab my Yoga For Life Checklist 

The easiest way to prioritize your yoga routine, get motivated to keep on track and stay consistent!

Just a few years ago, I was struggling to keep a consistent yoga schedule. I wanted to advance my yoga practice but spent so much time struggling with developing strength and always felt overwhelmed, unable to do it all.  In 3 short months I went from trying everything and getting nowhere to having a consistent daily yoga practice where I started getting inspired, calm, physically & mentally stronger and full of energy.

Wondering how I did it? I created this Yoga for Life Checklist for you so that you can:

· Advance your yoga practice to dramatically increase your flexibility and strength

· Feel more calm & rid yourself of stress and overwhelm

· Spend more time with your kids, planning your family holidays and enjoying the present moment

· Be a better teacher and leader by having your own at home yoga practice

· Join over a thousand women who are already reaping the benefits!​

Pauline Weston

This guide is all that I needed to get back on my yoga mat.  All you need to do is implement these 6 steps and not think any further. Just do  it! Thanks Sara!

I found the Yoga Life Checklist very helpful! Thank you so much! Your Checklist has given me new ideas such as  the vision board and essential oils

Dawn Shilling
Lexi Bentley-LaGreca

I highly recommend Sara's Yoga Life Checklist. It helped me focus on things I haven't even thought of before and she is very inspirational and motivating. 

Sara Lou

This is the first time I'm sharing the exact methods I use. You'll be amazed at how easy it can be!