Get that Calm, ConfidenceStrength & Flexibility in just 30 minutes a day…



— FINALLY have the motivation to practice yoga consistently?




  • Physical & emotional strength so that you can conquer anything you want in life?
  • Incredible flexibility so that your body feels amazing every single day?
  • Calm & carefree living so that you can stop spending your energy worrying all of the time?

With my Rock Your Yoga Life bundle you’ll…

  • Find the motivation to practice yoga every single day so that you can get stronger & more flexible
  • Get the tools you need to quiet the chatter in your mind
  • Feel less stress & overwhelm on a daily basis

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This is my exact process that I took to getting a consistent advanced daily yoga practice that I’ve being doing for over 3 years…


So that I could finally live my life with more energy, strength, flexibility and ease.

READY TO ROCK A YOGA LIFE? Grab my Rock your Yoga Life Bundle Now!



  • I Am Strong yoga workout and meditation series

To get you strong & flexible in 30-40 minutes a day. This is a full body strengthening and stretching yoga flow series of videos to get you back into shape and feeling amazing every single day. Complete with worksheets on how to get consistent and how to create your own at home yoga space!

($50 value)


  • Declutter to Live Lighter Ebook & meditations

To free up your time and your space so that you can let go of your physical, technological & mental clutter. This guide is guaranteed to help you prioritize your time and free up some empty physical & mental space in your life.

($17 value)


  • 30 minute Rock Your Yoga Practice strategy session with me

Let’s talk about how to prioritize your yoga time during your busy day, your goals, what you want out of your yoga practice and how to achieve it and specific stretches or poses your body needs to release any aches or stiffness you have. That’s right, you’re getting an advanced strategy session at a killer price!

($97 value)


Let’s turn your never ending cycle of stress & to-do lists into an easy yoga schedule that you can implement efficiently into your daily life

So that you can find the motivation to practice yoga consistently every single day!

Just read the Declutter to Live Lighter book and wow – amazing! I’ve done decluttering courses in the past but this one really resonated with me and has actually got my arse into gear. It’s lovely to read and makes so much sense – I have got to declutter my inbox! Added to that the meditations and beautiful quotes and I’m actually enjoying clearing out my cupboards. Love, love, love this book. Would highly recommend this to anybody who has one of “those” cupboards or secret stashes of crap (i.e. that’s everybody!). Thank you Sara for sharing your wisdom with us! x

Laura Ellera


The Rock Your Yoga Life Bundle is an amazing deal. I learned a lot from my strategy call with Sara. You get so much more than the price you pay for it. 3 amazing yoga flows, meditation & more!

Kara Vigil

The “Rock Your Life” Bundle is fantastic! The sequences are challenging enough, yet simple to follow. Sara’s clear instruction and relaxed demeanour is encouraging and easy to listen to. She provides excellent modifications which she demonstrates physically and also encourages the use of these modifications to tailor the sequence to your individual strength and flexibility. And, of course, the natural setting of the videos can’t be beat! I have thoroughly enjoyed incorporating these videos into my home yoga practice. I have also really loved the guided meditations in this bundle. They are short and simple, but incredibly effective. The Garden Meditation is definitely a favourite! Thanks, Sara, for this great bundle.

Jo Whitney


Hey Beauty!

You’ve got this one, amazing life and it’s time you’ve felt that incredible energy and calm that yoga can give you every single day.


Let’s fill up your own cup and prioritize you for a change! After you sign up you’ll receive your direct access to all three of these incredible, life changing products!



$164      $47