Private Yoga Lessons on Skype (Online)


So that you can finally get calm, balanced, physically & mentally stronger and fall in love with how your body feels. No muffin tops or body shaming come out of here alive. Let’s focus on your life and fitness goals at your own time, pace and convenience.

Private Yoga Teacher Toronto

I’m here to help you have it all.

A body that looks & FEELS amazing

More energy for what you LOVE 

A calm, centered and focused mind

And all the flexibility, happiness and booty kicking imaginable.

Prioritizing your time is hard. PERIOD.

Finding the motivation to do yoga and reap the benefits of a lighter body and a calmer mind?

Next to impossible on your schedule…

You want to develop physical & emotional strength while getting out of your over-thinking head, but you just don’t have the time, life is waaaay too busy.

I get it. I’ve been there. 

What you DON’T want is to feel uncomfortable every time you zip up your jeans

stiff from all of those hours sitting and staring at your computer…

And heavy from the lack of motivation that you feel to get into a yoga lifestyle…

What if I told you you could-

  • Feel lighter in your body and finally get stronger, both on and off your yoga mat
  • Develop more flexibility so that you feel better
  • Finally calm all of those voices in your head, so that you feel fully present and focused?

Let me help you finally get that YOGA BODY, MIND & SOUL…both on the outside and on the inside…

Let me be your cheerleader and do the work with you.

Welcome to a fresh, modern and light approach to having your best life.

No more settling, no more telling yourself “tomorrow”, no more feeling uncomfortable in your jeans.

Working with Sara feels like you’re doing something magical to your body. It feels like a super power to be so flexible and calm, peaceful AND…happy!

Pauline Weston


Yoga Body Mind & Soul

A three month Signature Program that is designed uniquely for you and your needs.

Your goals. Your body. Your mind.

At the end of our three months together you will…

  • get stronger, physically, mentally & emotionally
  • develop flexibility on and off of the mat
  • lose those stubborn extra pounds
  • feel lighter, both on the outside and on the inside
  • have more energy for what you LOVE
  • feel motivated to continue practicing on your own schedule
  • be able to meditate consistently to reduce any stress and anxiety in your life
  • Clear your head to get calm, focused and centered
  • FINALLY fall in love with the way your body FEELS

I’m really enjoying creating a home yoga practice with Sara Lou. Sara has also introduced me to daily meditation which is helping me overcome stress. Together these experiences are also helping me to overcome binge eating which I have suffered from for many years. My energy and will power have increased dramatically



This experience is perfect for you if you-

  • Are TIRED of giving yourself excuses and trying the next free workout plan
  • Are finally ready to commit to your life, well being and fitness goals
  • Are SERIOUS about getting into the best health of your life
  • Are ready to ditch the yo-yo practices and finally create lasting change in your life

I work especially well with busy women professionals who want to dive deep into a body, mind & soul centered yoga practice but have problems staying motivated. I focus a lot on mindset work during our coaching together, because I truly believe that physical and lifestyle changes all begin in the mind.




OR 3 payments of $560

** prices are in USD

*women & couples only*

Private Yoga Teacher Toronto

Here’s what some of my clients are saying

I’m amazed at how much my hips opened up since I started working with Sara. When I joined I was only thinking of my physical well being. As I started working it was like a tidal wave of what emotions I had inside. Yoga has become a way for my body to release what I have inside be it good or challenging. I learned that discomfort is ok. I can breathe through it and come out stronger. The great part of it is that you don’t stay the same you stretch further deeper grow and change.  With Sara’s caring support I grew in so many ways.

Carie Bedard

Business Owner

Since working with Sara I’ve lost 2 1/2 inches off of my waistline, I’ve gotten a consistent meditation practice that has calmed my anxiety and I no longer have food cravings. Most importantly I am much stronger and my body feels fantastic after every session! Thank you Sara!

April Jones

Dental Hygienist

I craved more than just lifting weights in the gym and jogging. I was bored and I wanted to mix it up but also find a way to remain consistent. So I dived into Sara’s program. Each session helped me gain knowledge about yoga, about how and why to practice. I enjoyed the sessions because it was the right amount of challenge, it was fun and very eye-opening and interesting. Most importantly, at the end of each session I felt a sense of calm, followed by the best sleeps ever! It was the only time I felt I didn’t carry weight on my shoulders. Besides discovering I could to a headstand and getting my booty kicked after each session, I discovered that I really really love yoga! I was skeptical about it at first because I had bad experiences. I didn’t truly believe it was a workout, more of a wind down. But Sara proved me wrong. I’ve become more flexible, stronger and knowledgeable about the practice and find it helps with mental clarity

Brittany Seki

Editorial Assistant

I did Sara’s program because I wanted to get back into yoga. I was on and off and it was hard for me to get back into a routine. I loved the way that yoga made me feel but I wanted to get more consistent. Working with Sara has helped me develop strength, flexibility and has helped my balance immensely. I always feel sore after practicing with Sara, which I know means that I got a workout and stretching my muscles out always feels good. Plus, my breath is much slower and relaxed and it’s really helped me to relax overall. Sara also really helped me discover the value of meditation. I always had a hard time with that, even in yoga class. But now that I’ve worked with her, I feel like I can meditate easier and there are so many benefits! It helps me focus, it prepares me for my day and it helps me keep a positive outlook on life. 

I am so grateful for you Sara! Your energy and positivity is contagious. I really feel the personalized effort you make in our sessions and the follow up emails.

Muriel Navarro

Data Management Specialist

I feel like I have been able to regain my life. The one to one sessions have been so valuable as they have enabled me to be vulnerable and really open myself up to change. I have found Sara to be very genuine and capable of tailoring her sessions and advice not just to me and my particular goals but also to how I am feeling in any given session (which in turn has enabled me to turn up and be my true self in each session). The fact that I am signing up to a six month package following the three month package is testament to how useful (and enjoyable) I have found the sessions.

Amelia S

Private Yoga Teacher Toronto

This is what’s included in your three-month customized experience:

  • A 1.5 hour intensive where we get to the root of your goals, struggles and obstacles, including a physical assessment of strength and flexibility
  • 11 1:1 private Skype yoga sessions where we work your body like never before, focus on your needs each day and clear your head so that you can have energy for what you really LOVE
  • A yoga flow catered to your body and needs for each session together
  • Specialized breathing techniques and meditations to help you release anxiety and clear your head
  • Access to 6 months of All You Need is Yoga— a group coaching membership site and online library of yoga videos and meditations ranging from 10 minutes to 60 minutes in length
  • Unlimited email support between calls
  • Unlimited WhatsApp support between calls
  • Homework to take from session to session to take you to the next level
  • Progress updates from session to session
  • BONUS copy of my ebook & guide “Declutter to Live Lighter”















A little note from Sara…

Hey beautiful! I am so incredibly passionate about helping women love their bodies and get rid of their anxiety so that they can have energy for who & what they love. Through my own struggles with body image and fitness I’ve discovered that so much of this journey is about mindset and finding a fitness program that is a right fit for you. Years ago I was sick of just running on a treadmill or lifting weights for long hours at the gym and not feeling the results in my body. When I turned to yoga, it not only helped me get physically but it also helped me leaps and bounds with my mental health and feeling inspired and motivated to live a rocking life. I do this because I want to see all women fall in love with the way their bodies feel while kicking their negative self talk and self sabotage to the curb.




OR 3 payments of $560

* Prices are in USD

*women & couples only*