The following are the testimonials of the incredible women who I’ve had the honour of working with. While I have worked with them side by side, they have also put in their own tremendous effort to see the results that they were looking for. The testimonials speak for themselves.

I am so grateful for you Sara. Your energy and positivity is contagious. I really feel the personalized effort you make in our sessions and the follow up emails. If I could accommodate it financially, I would get more time with you, my only regret is not having more than one session with you a week!


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Muriel Navarro

Account Manager & Executive Assistant

Each session helped me gain knowledge about yoga, about how and why to practice. I enjoyed the sessions because it was the right amount of challenge, it was fun and very eye-opening and interesting. Most importantly, at the end of each session I felt a sense of calm, followed by the best sleeps ever! It was the only time I felt I didn’t carry weight on my shoulders.  The benefits of working with Sara are extremely rewarding, both physically and mentally. It’s worth creating a budget to invest into your health and wellness, especially with something you enjoy doing. 
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Brittany Seki


Since working with Sara I’ve lost 2 1/2 inches off of my waistline, I’ve gotten a consistent meditation practice that has calmed my anxiety and I no longer have food cravings. Most importantly I am much stronger and my body feels fantastic after every session! Thank you Sara!
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April Jones

Dental Hygienist

I’m amazed at how much my hips opened up since I started working with Sara. When I joined I was only thinking of my physical well being. As I started working it was like a tidal wave of what emotions I had inside. Yoga has become a way for my body to release what I have inside be it good or challenging. I learned that discomfort is ok. I can breathe through it and come out stronger. The great part of it is that you don’t stay the same you stretch further deeper grow and change.  With Sara’s caring support I grew in so many ways.

Carie Bedard

Self Employed

I’m really enjoying creating a home yoga practice with Sara Lou. Sara has also introduced me to daily meditation which is helping me overcome stress. Together these experiences are also helping me to overcome binge eating which I have suffered from for many years. My energy and will power have increased dramatically! 



Dear Sara Lou, I found the Yoga Body Checklist very helpful! Thank you so much! I am doing your 7 day challenge and completed the beautiful yoga sesh you posted on Vimeo. I felt so much better I wish I would have done it this morning, as it would set a tone for the day. I haves decided that the am will be the alloted time. Your checklist has given me new ideas such as the vision board and using essential oils. I plan on taking action this weekend by buying a vision board and infuser. I always have business ideas floating in my head and I think that having them in front of me on the daily in black and white will be very encouraging and help me focus on some small steps forward for these projects. When I start turning profit on these I will give you a kick back fee!

Dawn Shilling

I loved my 30 minute one-on-one session with Sara as she helped me figure out ways to practice yoga and increase strength in my back to avoid further injury from a previous car accident. Doing yoga daily has definitely helped me with my back pain.

Lexi Bentley-LaGreca


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