To get your BODY and MIND in SHAPE...

Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • Your most used phrases are “I’m just so busy” and “I don’t have the time”
  • You have no idea what’s in your closet
  • You struggle with what to wear in the morning
  • You have too much to do all of the time
  • You want to take care of your health, but you’re just too busy
  • You resent much of what you do because you feel worn out

What if you could have more spare time? What if you no longer had hundreds of material possessions to keep track of? Trust me doll, I’ve been there too.   That’s why I created Declutter to Live Lighter.   To help women just like you free up your time and let go of what’s weighing you down. I used to feel heavytired, overburdened. Now, I feel light, spacious and I have more energy than ever. All because I let go of things in my life that weren’t serving me. And I know that you can feel that way too!  

What you can expect from Declutter to Live Lighter...

  • 30 pages of succinct declutter advice to get down to the point
  • A three step process to let go of the things that don’t serve you
  • Mantras to help inspire you and keep you focused
  • Three guided meditations to help you with the process
  • A personal story from someone who’s been there

Just read the Declutter to Live Lighter book and wow – amazing! I’ve done decluttering courses in the past but this one really resonated with me and has actually got my arse into gear. It’s lovely to read and makes so much sense – I have got to declutter my inbox! Added to that the meditations and beautiful quotes and I’m actually enjoying clearing out my cupboards. Love, love, love this book. Would highly recommend this to anybody who has one of “those” cupboards or secret stashes of crap (i.e. that’s everybody!). Thank you Sara for sharing your wisdom with us! x

Laura Ellera

But wait, there's more...

In the spirit of yoga, Declutter to Live Lighter also comes with some beautiful mantras and guided meditations. I’ve recorded the meditations to help guide you through this process. I truly believe that this is the best way to make space in your life to focus on what really matters to you. So consider this as a guide more than just a book; a way of transformation, to a more relaxed and abundant life.           The ebook is priced at $8 and each meditation is $3. But I’ve put together a special bundle just for you– all 4 items are only $12.   That’s $5 in savings, in case you hate doing the math!

Declutter to Live Lighter has been a constant in my mind since picking it up! Beautifully presented, this book gives a step-by-step (room-by-room) guide to clearing the clutter. Speaking as a person who lives in a constant state of chaos, it has helped shift my thoughts to be aware of everything I touch in my space. While Sara guides for a full sweep, I haven’t quite been able to pull the band-aid off as quickly as she suggests. But that’s okay! Because it serves as a constant guide to me as I go about my day, I am mindful of everything I pick up each day, every day. For every piece I touch, 2 or more go in the give-away box. Shoes I’ve been holding onto for years (“I’ll take them to get repaired one day”), clothes that haven’t been worn in ages, and don’t even get me started on the kitchen – things I had never even thought needed to be cleared, Sara gives a gentle reminder to let it go. It’s absolutely freeing, actually! Slowly but surely, I’m getting there. And this handy guide will be with me every step of the way!

Lisa Brannan-Blair

Owner of LuckyThankYou

Declutter to Live Lighter is a mindful approach to simplifying your life. Sara inspires you to think beyond cleaning out your closet by guiding you through rooms in your home that may normally get overlooked. Since applying these simple, yet practical tips to decluttering, I am enjoying a deeper sense of peace and relaxation. I encourage anyone seeking more space in their life, to get cozy and savour the words Sara has written.

Jessica Glines

Yoga Teacher

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