3 Ways to Have a More Yoga Filled 2018

3 Ways to Have a More Yoga Filled 2018

I know that you’re here because you want to start experiencing that yoga practice of yours fully. To start seeing major changes in your life.

The good news is that you totally can. With the right mindset and attitude about your practice, it can literally change your life. Your practice can help you manage stress and anxiety, heal your relationships (including the delicate and important relationship that you have with yourself), heal your body, get major strength and flexibility, bring you more focus and have you feeling more content, balanced and happy in your life.

You really can have all of those things with yoga. But, you also need to practice enough to make it all happen. You need to dive deeper into your practice and advance in your physical asana to make it happen– even if that means taking deeper breaths, it’s still your physical practice. Here are my top 3 lessons I’ve learned about setting yoga goals over the past few years. Number 2 might surprise you ;).

3 Ways to Have a Yoga Filled 2018

Start with an Intention

Call it an intention, resolution, mantra, goal or whatever name you feel most connected to. The thing you need most when you start out a new journey (or look to deepen an old one) is declare WHY you’re doing it. What do you want to get out of your practice? How much work and dedication are you willing to put into it? What does that work and dedication look like on a week to week basis? This all counts. And it all helps you work towards shaping your yoga practice in a way where you’re bound to make huge shifts in your life!

Understand that you will never fail

This is probably the most detrimental thing that I see women doing to themselves– thinking they’ve failed if they haven’t practiced in a few days or a week. You need to understand that by setting an intention for your practice and giving yourself dedication, you will never fail. In fact, you’re already a step ahead of yourself before you set the intention. Sure, the more you slack on your goals the longer it will take, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at all. The path is a part of the goal. Making mistakes and learning from them is a part of the process, everyone does them. The difference between a successful person and someone who quits is that the successful person tired 100 times, failed 99 of those times and succeeded once. The person who quit literally quit after their first try. This is an exaggeration of course, and I definitely don’t think you’ll have a .1% success rate, but I also want you to understand that those who succeed have failed many times, but understand that the lows are a part of the process. Once you start to understand that, you will know that you can literally never fail. Promise.

Get the right support to fast track your success

Having support on your journey, whether it be a book, a video, a person or a group of people, can help immensely with how motivated you’ll feel to continue practicing. One of the things I hear most from my private clients who work with me is that the support and accountability they get from our work together is what actually made them reach their goals much faster than they’d ever done before. If working 1:1 isn’t in the cards for you right now, know that the more support you get with your yoga practice the faster and better the results you’ll get, especially if the support is high quality. Trust me when I say that you’ll actually wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Speaking of high quality support, I’d love to give you some of that for FREE this month. I’m releasing a brand new LIVE webinar on January 23rd:

Skyrocket your Yoga Life in 2018— the essential steps you need to keep motivated & stay consistent to see REAL progress

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The routine I’ve followed for the last 3 years that can help you double your strength and flexibility in just one month of practice!
  • The top 3 reasons that we don’t follow through on our goals, and how to change them!
  • The vital component to staying motivated & consistent in your yoga practice so that you can finally feel content, balanced & happy with your daily life

All you need to do is sign up right here!

Client Feature: Pauline Maton Weston

Client Feature: Pauline Maton Weston

Meet Pauline

Package: 3 Month Signature

This is the 6th of a feature series of the beautiful women that I work with, the results that they’ve received from working with me, and their advice if you’re looking to really invest in yourself. Check out JoannaAmeliaAprilBrittany and Muriel’s stories by clicking on their names. 


Working with Sara feels like you’re doing something magical to your body. It feels like a super power to be so flexible and calm, peaceful AND…happy! – Pauline




Watch her full interview right here:



This could be you! Are you ready to finally get stronger, more flexible and have peace of mind at your fingertips? Find out more by booking a call with me here.

My Biggest Announcement to Date

My Biggest Announcement to Date

Hey there Gorgeous!

I have something incredibly exciting to share with you today. I’ve been bursting at the seams wanting to share this with you and I am finally ready.

Almost ten years ago, I went on a cross cultural exchange to a little city in the north of Nicaragua called Esteli. This was by far one of the best times I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. It was a time I felt so free and so connected to everything around me. I met life long friends, learned a new language, experienced a brand new culture…and met the love of my life.

Now, I can turn this into a romantic love story of how we met, fell in love and managed to work out the distance, but I’ll save that one for later. 😉

I guess you can say that one of the reasons I fell for my husband is because his family proudly owned a beautiful organic farm and cafe just outside the city, affectionately called La Casita, or the little house in English. His passion and love for all things environmental quickly fused with my own.

Several years later we both decided to call Canada home, in a permanent sense, but something was always missing, something we couldn’t quite figure out. As we brought our lives to Toronto and quickly conformed to the be busy or die mentality that big cities seem to evoke I began diving much deeper into areas of healing and keeping calm — hence my love affair with yoga. I battled so many health issues here while balancing working full time, having a social life and being a good wife and puppy mom. I will forever be grateful for all that I’ve learned while I’ve been in such a busy go-go-go environment.

But even as I’ve grown more and more spiritual, healthy and well, the thought of that little organic farm and the what ifs were always there.

Could we go back one day?

Could we build a business there?

What would we do, exactly?

Is this even possible?

What if we fail?

Despite all of the fears, I implanted the idea into my head anyways. Regardless of whether or not we’d “make it” or really know what we’re doing, we started creating conversations about the possibility of moving back.

And then it became a clear reality.

Many different paths started to make the journey forward seem much clearer (talk about manifesting!) and before I knew it we had family renovating an old home and getting ready for us to arrive.

We are moving from Toronto to this tiny little organic farm in Esteli, Nicaragua. In January.

And Mango is coming 🙂

This is probably one of the most terrifying and yet most exciting things I have ever done.


And the thought of backing out occurred to me many times. That’s why I already booked my flight a few months ago…just to make sure I couldn’t change my mind 😉

At the end of the day I wholeheartedly believe that life is short and meant to be lived and experienced fully. And that is exactly what I intend to do with this new journey.

This also means some BIG and very exciting things for saralouyoga! Here’s what you can expect more of in 2018:

  • More time slots for private clients, for All You Need is Yoga members and for anyone else who needs me
  • More yoga, more meditation and a lot more of my energy put into helping YOU succeed
  • More partnerships with other amazing women in health, wellness & spirituality (if you want to connect, find the contact button on the top right hand corner of this page, I’d love to hear from you!)
  • More yoga videos set in beautiful warm locations (you’re welcome!)
  • More Instagram stories and posts full of heart
  • A 2018 yoga retreat (finally!)


I can’t wait to see what all of my dedicated new energy brings to this space. Keep your eyes peeled, I’m so excited!

And one last thing…

Thank you for being a part of this new adventure with me.

Client Feature: Joanna Whitney

Client Feature: Joanna Whitney

Meet Joanna

Package: 3 Month Signature

This is the 5th of a feature series of the beautiful women that I work with, the results that they’ve received from working with me, and their advice if you’re looking to really invest in yourself. Check out AmeliaAprilBrittany and Muriel’s stories by clicking on their names. 


“I knew I needed more balance, softening and letting go in my life. From day 1 in our sessions together you kept encouraging me to allow and let go…and that was HUGE for me. I feel like a whole softening has happened for me where I can balance strength with flexibility not just in my physical practice but in my day to day life” – Joanna



Joanna is also a certified Health Coach and has an amazing ebook on generating more energy in your life! You can find out more here.

Watch her full interview right here:



This could be you! Are you ready to finally get stronger, more flexible and have peace of mind at your fingertips? Find out more by booking a call with me here.


A Year of 5 Minute Yoga

A Year of 5 Minute Yoga

Hey Beautiful!

This has been quite the year for saralouyoga.com and I just want to say a big huge thank you right now. For reading this, for supporting this path, for practicing yoga, for doing your meditations, for being in a constant pursuit of your highest self.

You are the reason why I write and do what I do.

So thank you!

I have no doubt that our world would be so different if we all adopted a yoga way of life. If more of us practiced daily, even if for just 5 minutes. Could you feel the difference that would make in the world if it makes such an incredible difference to yourself?

That is the mission that I’ve been on this year. To get more women to dive deeper into their yoga practices, to get stronger, calmer & more flexible. Because I know that those physical aspects of our yoga practice always translate into showing up for ourselves and others with a lot more good, high vibe energy and a lot less anger, stress and doubt.

In 2018, I’m going to be on an even bigger mission. And I can’t wait to tell you more about it in my next blog post, with a very sweet personal announcement along with where saralouyoga is headed! Yaaasss, I can’t wait to tell you!

Over the past year I’ve been giving you a series of online yoga videos that you can do in 5 minutes. And as we start December as an end to our 2017, and as mini celebration, I’m putting them all here in this blog post for you to see!

Have you done any of them?

Which are your favourites?

You can find all of my 5 minute yoga videos I’ve ever done to date right here. Take a look around and let me know in the comments, what has inspired you to dive deeper into your yoga this year? I’d love to know.

For now I’ll send you off with lots of love & light and all of these 5 minute yoga videos to enjoy.



What to do When Life Sucks.

What to do When Life Sucks.

It’s only human to want to be by yourself sometimes.

To feel completely overwhelmed with life and feel like no one understands you.

To struggle with going to work on a Monday morning because every single cell in your body just wants you to stay home.

To walk into the company washroom and want to SCREAM because you just can’t keep up.

And to come home and want some peace and quiet, only to be interrupted by every single living being that you care for telling you that your help is needed.

I know what it feels like to just want to take a walk outside and decompress for hours without coming back. 

Life sucks sometimes.

And it’s not just you who struggles with it.

That girl who’s always smiling on social media? She struggles with it, too.

Don’t be fooled by someone else’s highlight reel. We all have our highs and our lows that we don’t chose to share with anyone else.

It’s so important to not get caught up in what you ‘should’ be doing and feeling and focus on what you ARE doing and feeling. 

When life gets really raw and real there are a few things that have helped me get back into a safer state of mind. 

1. Embrace what you’re feeling

Don’t struggle to swallow your emotions or else they will come up later on, in some way or another…and it will hurt more. Give yourself the time to process what you’re feeling and just allow yourself to feel. It’s totally normal to feel shitty sometimes.

2. Getting into a different headspace is essential

Getting into a different headspace can be as simple as going for a walk or stepping on your yoga mat. Do something where you’re actively changing your environment so that you don’t give yourself the excuse of unpacking in your misery.

3. Forgive

If it’s yourself you need to forgive or someone else, forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools we own. Forgive yourself for flipping out at your family, forgive yourself for missing a deadline, forgive your boss for making you work overtime. You’re not a victim when you forgive, you actually take your power back from a situation that is controlling you when you can look at it without any more resentment.

Remember these 3 steps– Feel it through, get into a different headspace and, when it’s safe to do so, forgive.

Life feels so much better when we don’t hold on and linger on the things that bother us.

And yoga is one of the most powerful tools that exist to help you in this journey. Whether it’s a powerful flow, a gentle stretch or 5 minutes of a guided meditation, yoga can change your life.

You probably already know that. And you also know how difficult it is to step on your yoga mat when you’re feeling like life really sucks.

But I also want to tell you that some of the best transformations you’re going to make in your yoga practice– and life– will come from stepping on your mat when you need it most. On those days when things are really shitty. Those are the BEST times to create change.

It’s that type of yoga practice that can lead you from feeling angry, sad, discontent, frustrated, anxious or insecure to calm, empowered, strong, safe and in alignment with life.

I’ve created a brand new membership site to help you with all of these ups and downs. Have you checked out All You Need is Yoga​ yet?

All You Need is Yoga has all of the elements of my 1:1 coaching program and more just at a much lower monthly membership fee of $47/month. You’re getting the exact same system, yoga videos, support and mindset tricks that I’ve been working on with women for over 2 years AND an incredible intimate community of soul sisters who get you.

Here’s what you get when you join:

  • Biweekly LIVE yoga & group coaching calls with me
  • One monthly themed yoga workshop
  • 20+ hours of online yoga videos with new videos added every single month
  • Your own meditation room updated monthly
  • An intimate community where you’ll find like minded soul sisters and connection
  • All of your burning questions about yoga & inspired living answered by me and a community of amazing women who get you
  • Exclusive VIP access & discounts to any new workshops, products or future retreats

We all go through these shitty times, but that doesn’t mean that we need to go through them alone.

​​And a teeny reminder that if you want an extra jumpstart and decide to join All You Need is Yoga, I have ONE more spot for a FREE 60 minute yoga session with me.


Enroll Now.png


I have so many life changing tools in All You Need is Yoga and I am literally bursting at the seams excited to share it all with you.​

Wishing you all the feels today. Feel it through and you’ll know when it’s time to let it go.​