What It’s Like Working with a Yoga Teacher 1:1

What It’s Like Working with a Yoga Teacher 1:1

I get asked this question a lot. Every time I’m on a call with a woman who wants to get stronger, more flexible and end overwhelm they always ask the same thing: how does this work?

I get it, it’s very strange to imagine doing live yoga with someone on the other side of the world on Skype. I also get questions from other yoga instructors who are somewhat sceptical. Does this really work?

What about adjustments?

Does it feel impersonal?

What’s it like?

I was also a bit of a sceptic when I first started teaching this way. Almost three years ago, I decided to switch to this medium and tested it out with a few clients. And the result was amazing! The intimacy of this type of work is incredible. It’s easy, comfortable and convenient. You don’t need to leave your house and commute to the studio, get stuck in traffic or miss cooking your dinner. Everything is done in the comfort of your living room.

What about the adjustments? What I’ve come to realize after doing this for almost 3 years now is that verbal corrections actually help my clients more than hands on ones.

Hands down though, the most beneficial part of doing online 1:1 yoga is that you get a practice that is 100% catered to you and your goals. This means that if we get on a call one day and you want to learn how to fall out of your handstand, that’s what we’ll do. If you’re tired, I adjust the practice around your energy needs. If you need to open up your shoulders, we do a practice that focuses on backbends. Each and every practice is catered to your needs and what your goals are at the end of our 3 months of working together.

Many of you may not know this but I also infuse yoga coaching into our calls together. I do lots of lifestyle adjustments, chakra assessments and schedule coaching to make sure that you’re living with less overwhelm and more simplicity and ease through each session we do together. That means that you can enjoy spending more time with your kids, walking your dog or planning your next family vacation to the beach. Whatever you chose to do with your free time– taking a trip to whole foods, shopping for new beautiful home decor, or just cozying on your couch with your favourite book– you deserve to be doing more of it. And in our sessions together, we find out how.

Are you still curious? Here’s the breakdown of what my Yoga Body, Mind & Soul program looks like:

  • We meet every week (and skip some weeks when you’re on holidays) and I walk you through a private yoga session online on live video where I challenge you and teach you how to reach your best potential with your practice, catered to you and your goals
  • We carve out an ideal lifestyle for you and create actionable steps for you to implement each week so that you can achieve optimal health
  • I lead you through guided meditations that are catered to you, your stress levels and what mindset blocks you want to break free from (these are SO powerful and I love watching my clients go through them!)
  • I give you access to my exclusive All You Need is Yoga membership site and give you specific videos to do throughout the week to create a routine for your busy schedule
  • We check in every few days via email, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger to see how you’re doing and if you need any more support

If this sounds like something you really want to do then I would be beyond excited to talk to you more about this! Find out more right here: http://www.saralouyoga.com/yogabodymindsoul/


The #1 thing you can do to get Stronger with Yoga

The #1 thing you can do to get Stronger with Yoga

Just a few months ago I was on the beach in Jamaica with my husband on the best honeymoon EVER (for real, I still daydream about it…can I go back?) and I asked him to take some yoga photos of me. Usually any type of balancing posture in the sand is very difficult for me, but this time around was so different. I jumped right up into a handstand and made a few fun shapes with my legs until I gracefully came back down. I felt so calm and collected. It actually felt easy.

But I was never always like this.

In fact, right after I came out of that handstand we spoke about how just last year I couldn’t even keep my legs up in the air. There was a time 2 years ago when I couldn’t even lift myself up into a headstand without immediately falling over. I remember seeing all of these famous yogis doing poses and flows that looked so beautiful and calming, but I thought I would never get strong or flexible enough to do it. I wanted to advance my yoga practice so badly, {{ subscriber.first_name }}, but I just didn’t know how. I felt like I never had the time. I also had no idea how to progress, no idea how to build strength and to be honest I had no idea what I was doing when I was stretching.

But when I started practicing differently, I DID start to see progress and the results were amazing!

Getting better at my physical yoga practice also helped loads with my mental health. I started stressing out much less and my anxiety reduced dramatically. The great thing is that I didn’t have to spend hours practicing every single day. There was one big thing I changed in my practice that allowed me to stay consistent enough to see results.

It wasn’t something I learned in teacher training or at any yoga workshops I went to but something I discovered that worked super well after lots of trial and error.

I planned out what I was going to practice every day

This might seem really silly easy, but it’s a little more complicated than you would think. Instead of practicing random yoga videos every day, I started dividing my practice up into muscle groups. This made a HUGE difference in my practice because on the days my legs were sore, I focused on backbends and on the days my back was sore I could focus on legs, core, or arm work. I was ALWAYS able to practice because I was isolating different areas of my body. And on the days I was just very tired, I would practice restorative yoga.

When we carve out our own plan towards our goals it can make life so much easier!

But I also get that sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to know exactly what to practice in order to get the strength that you’re looking for. It isn’t something you were taught either. And with your schedule, trying to figure things out on your own seems like just another check on your to do list. You might just as well tip your own scale into overwhelm, right?

Sometimes you just need someone else to teach you and take that time out for yourself. And this is where I come in, let me take the guess work out of this while you have fun in your practice and get yourself out of that overwhelm feeling. I’ve worked with hundreds of women on this and I know exactly what you’ll need to do to get stronger and more flexible with your practice.

Getting the right support & accountability in your yoga practice can give you so much more than this! Imagine what it would feel like to…

  • Get stronger and more flexible in your body than you ever have before
  • Develop a calm, carefree state of mind that you can bring with you from your morning yoga routine, to your workplace and back to your evening routine (no more fighting with your hubby or getting mad at your kid about those pointless little things!)
  • Feel more content and at ease with your life by developing a balance that you’ve always dreamt of

Amazing right?

The secret? It all starts with you and your willingness to believe in yourself.

If you know that you can use the extra support, accountability and guidance, than I would be thrilled to talk to you about my 3 month Mind Body & Soul signature yoga program. I’m seriously so excited to see the changes that we start creating for you together. Find out more right here: http://www.saralouyoga.com/yogabodymindsoul/

5 Myths about feeling Stronger and more Balanced with Yoga

5 Myths about feeling Stronger and more Balanced with Yoga

Hello there!

I’m going to get right to it– there are a few myths about yoga going around and I want to completely crush them for you. As controversial as some of them sound, challenging them has completely changed around my yoga practice. In fact, not doing the things below has been elemental for me to start getting much stronger and flexible in my yoga practice. And you know what? These myths are holding you back from advancing in your yoga practice, too. And since you don’t deserve that, I feel like it’s my job to dispel them for you!

The truth is, I used to believe these myths too. I let them become excuses as to why I couldn’t practice every day, or why I didn’t have the time. And I spent far too long believing them.

But you, love, you’re different. You might already know a few of these from practicing and teaching so often, but I bet you might still be holding onto some of them. Curious? Read on!

Myth #1: When you’re stressed, you need to practice a gentle and relaxing flow

My clients tell me this one all of the time. The truth is that when you’re stressed, your mind is in overdrive and wants to play ‘small’ in the fear of introducing something new that might completely change your mindset. A calm and gentle flow might seem like the best option, but what if you could do something challenging enough that completely gets you out of your head? Anytime I do a more challenging yoga practice I feel like I relax that much easier in my savasana. And when I put my clients to the test, they said the same thing!

Myth #2: If you don’t have an hour to practice, it’s not worth it

I used to be so guilty of this one. Many women think that if they’re not stepping on their mats for at least an hour than whatever they do won’t matter much. I mean, yoga classes are typically 60 minutes, so if we’re doing it at home it has to be the same, right? It’s another way that our mindset helps us stay ‘safe’ by not doing anything new. The truth is that ANY amount of time you can step on your yoga mat is good enough. Even 1 minute is enough to get you out of a mind funk and feeling calm and carefree again. And you would be surprised how much even just 5 minutes of doing chaturanga pushups can actually make you stronger (check out my 5 minute video on this right here).

Myth #3: If you skip one day or one week of your routine, you’re a failure

Can I tell you a little secret? Everyone skips a day, misses a week and feels unmotivated to practice, even me! It’s totally normal and really it’s no big deal. The important part is that we forgive ourselves and start over. Get a structured routine that you preplan so that there’s less of a chance that you do skip a day. You’re not any less of a leader if you fall off of the bandwagon, it’s just called being human ( ps, your students will love your honesty!) And one last thing here, love– there’s always tomorrow, so don’t sweat it, deal?

Myth #4: Yoga is only for relaxation and flexibility, I need another form of fitness to stay in shape

Both myself and my clients have experienced weight loss, a dramatic increase in strength (both in the body & in the mind), as well as more focus, confidence, energy, productivity and so much more with our yoga practices! The thing is, when we use our yoga practices to their fullest extent, they virtually help us in all areas of our lives. Yoga is like a miracle drug that will literally make you become the best version of yourself if you’re ready for it.

Myth #5: If I practice physical yoga, I will feel calmer

OK so this one is partially true, but really transforming your life with yoga needs to go beyond just the physical practice. There is so much more to your practice when you add meditation and lifestyle coaching to the mix so that you can get the best of both worlds — a strong, flexible body and a calm & carefree mind. Simply going to a yoga class or two per week just isn’t going to cut it.

That feeling of contentment, strength and carefree balance is waiting right around the corner for you. I want you to know that I have your back. I’ve worked with hundreds of women on these issues and I would love to work with you too!

I can show you how you can create a calm, carefree your mind while getting you to be the strongest and most flexible that you’ve ever been.

My 3 month signature Body, Mind & Soul Yoga program is exactly what you need to get there. It’s a combination of 1:1 yoga, lifestyle coaching, meditations, an exclusive library of yoga videos and an incredible amount of support and accountability all catered to you!

Imagine being able to…

  • Finally get into that handstand and get over your fears of falling
  • Renew your confidence and courage in what your body can do with your backbends
  • Practice yoga consistently at home again so that you no longer feel overwhelmed by your daily to do list
  • Feel ready to go into future teacher trainings knowing you have a solid foundation of strength and flexibility 
  • Live your life with more simplicity, contentment, flow and ease so that you can get back to enjoying those family vacations, those trips to that cute home decor store and your love of whole foods.

Do you want in?

Find out more right here: http://www.saralouyoga.com/yogabodymindsoul/

Introducing Yoga Body Mind & Soul — The easiest way to Advance Your Yoga Practice– Even for Teachers!

Introducing Yoga Body Mind & Soul — The easiest way to Advance Your Yoga Practice– Even for Teachers!

Practicing yoga and getting your teacher training is one thing– dramatically increasing your strength and flexibility is another, am I right?

What about the difference between teaching other women to take a step back from overwhelm, while you feel the stress of homework duties, fur mom duties and house duties on a daily basis?

It’s much easier to tell someone else that they need to take care of themselves than to apply that same principle to your own life.

I also know just how fun and freeing it feels to learn new yoga poses and really boost up your confidence in your body as you jump into, and hold, a handstand.


So, what if I told you that you could have both of those things– ending overwhelm and getting stronger in a way that you never thought possible?

How would it feel to…

  • Finally get into that handstand and get over your fears of falling.
  • Renew your confidence and courage in what your body can do with your backbends.
  • Practice yoga consistently at home again
  • Be a better teacher and leader to your students, children & husband
  • Live your life with more flow and ease

The overwhelm you feel from the unrelentless amount of tasks in front of you can get better, I promise you, Equally, when you simplify your life and free up some time you can focus on your yoga goals and in turn feel happier and more content with your life.

I want to introduce you to my 1:1 3 month signature program — Yoga Body, Mind & Soul. Get ready to dramatically increase your strength in your body and take your yoga practice to the next level– physically and mentally. We’ll work together on strengthening your practice while coaching you through implementing yoga strategies throughout your day to beat your overwhelm and life your daily life with more ease.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t still need to walk your dog in the winter, plan your next family holiday or help your teenage daughter with her homework until 2 am– I unfortunately can’t create miracles in that regard. I can, however help you to create more space in your schedule so that you can enjoy all of that beautiful, nutritious food you want to experiment with and enjoy the simple things in life like that beautiful home decor store you’ve wanted to go to just because. This is what you deserve after being such a foundation for your family for so long.

This yoga program is unlike any other because it’s:

  • Full of 1:1 support
  • Intimate, private and fully catered to you
  • It fuses the physical yoga practice AND lifestyle coaching– because you can’t have one without the other to experience massive shifts in your life
  • Gets you exclusive access to a members only area of my services where you’ll be able to fast track your results with your practice


If this sounds like you, then I would be beyond excited to talk to you more about this! The Mind, Body & Soul 3 month program is perfect for you if you’re a yoga teacher who’s already practicing yoga a few times a week or month but want to take your practice deeper by developing a more committed and consistent routine. Get all of the details right here: http://www.saralouyoga.com/yogabodymindsoul/







Happiness is a Verb

Happiness is a Verb

I need to be honest with you guys here in starting off this post with saying that life hasn’t exactly been easy since I moved to Nicaragua. It’s been difficult living without my every day comforts of life that would bring me joy back in my Toronto apartment. Most days I wake up and feel so grateful to hear the birds chirping and see the sunshine coming down in-between the trees that are literally a step away from my home. Then towards the evening I grow more and more frustrated with how much things have evolved here. I start missing my family and my friends. I become doubtful about my future. And my happiness fades. It’s all too easy to think about how much better life in Toronto was when this happens. How much more comfortable I was, how I had the perfect life. When you look at things from afar you tend to romanticize about them. At least I do.

Just a few months ago I was working a 9-5 and dreaming about being able to do what I’m doing right now. I felt ungrateful for what I was doing then and I feel a bit of that lack of gratitude sometimes with what I’m doing now. It’s incredibly easy to think about something in the past or in the future as the ideal life. The problem is that it robs you from the present. And worse, if you’re ungrateful in the present moment, that one big thing you’re waiting for that’s far away will never bring you joy. Because even if it does, your mind is programmed to believe that there must be something wrong with it, something to compare it too.

As a society we purchase and consume things to make us happy. We often start phrases with ‘I’ll be happy when…’ and lean on external things to bring us joy. But what if we could just alter the way we think to make ourselves happy? What if we looked at what we already HAVE and marvel at that instead?

I’ve become acutely aware of how my thoughts dictate my mood since I moved to Nicaragua. I can either wake up and get angry about being another day without hot water or I can take a look outside and marvel at the natural beauty that I have just outside my front door. I can be sad about the lack of people to talk to or I can go out and make new connections and create new opportunities for growth in a new environment. It’s always my choice. And it starts with what I chose to focus on and what I chose to think.

I once read a post from a friend of mine who owns a boutique hotel off of the coast here that rung so true to me, he titled it Paradise is a State of Mind. You can create all the necessary conditions to be happy, but if your mind is full of negativity and comparison you will never be happy. Chose to see the beauty that already surrounds you and you will be happy beyond your wildest dreams!

I invite you today to turn happiness into a verb, into something that you do, something that requires your own action. Make happiness a priority for yourself by consistently rearranging your thoughts. Chose to see the good where possible.

I’m going to end this off by saying that I am also going to put in this work for my life. Because I know that when I focus on the positive, the more I start to see the positive and the happier I feel. Sure, it requires work, but what better work could you do in your life than something that makes you happy?


Much love to you all!



3 Ways to Have a More Yoga Filled 2018

3 Ways to Have a More Yoga Filled 2018

I know that you’re here because you want to start experiencing that yoga practice of yours fully. To start seeing major changes in your life.

The good news is that you totally can. With the right mindset and attitude about your practice, it can literally change your life. Your practice can help you manage stress and anxiety, heal your relationships (including the delicate and important relationship that you have with yourself), heal your body, get major strength and flexibility, bring you more focus and have you feeling more content, balanced and happy in your life.

You really can have all of those things with yoga. But, you also need to practice enough to make it all happen. You need to dive deeper into your practice and advance in your physical asana to make it happen– even if that means taking deeper breaths, it’s still your physical practice. Here are my top 3 lessons I’ve learned about setting yoga goals over the past few years. Number 2 might surprise you ;).

3 Ways to Have a Yoga Filled 2018

Start with an Intention

Call it an intention, resolution, mantra, goal or whatever name you feel most connected to. The thing you need most when you start out a new journey (or look to deepen an old one) is declare WHY you’re doing it. What do you want to get out of your practice? How much work and dedication are you willing to put into it? What does that work and dedication look like on a week to week basis? This all counts. And it all helps you work towards shaping your yoga practice in a way where you’re bound to make huge shifts in your life!

Understand that you will never fail

This is probably the most detrimental thing that I see women doing to themselves– thinking they’ve failed if they haven’t practiced in a few days or a week. You need to understand that by setting an intention for your practice and giving yourself dedication, you will never fail. In fact, you’re already a step ahead of yourself before you set the intention. Sure, the more you slack on your goals the longer it will take, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen at all. The path is a part of the goal. Making mistakes and learning from them is a part of the process, everyone does them. The difference between a successful person and someone who quits is that the successful person tired 100 times, failed 99 of those times and succeeded once. The person who quit literally quit after their first try. This is an exaggeration of course, and I definitely don’t think you’ll have a .1% success rate, but I also want you to understand that those who succeed have failed many times, but understand that the lows are a part of the process. Once you start to understand that, you will know that you can literally never fail. Promise.

Get the right support to fast track your success

Having support on your journey, whether it be a book, a video, a person or a group of people, can help immensely with how motivated you’ll feel to continue practicing. One of the things I hear most from my private clients who work with me is that the support and accountability they get from our work together is what actually made them reach their goals much faster than they’d ever done before. If working 1:1 isn’t in the cards for you right now, know that the more support you get with your yoga practice the faster and better the results you’ll get, especially if the support is high quality. Trust me when I say that you’ll actually wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Speaking of high quality support, I’d love to give you some of that for FREE this month. I’m releasing a brand new LIVE webinar on January 23rd:

Skyrocket your Yoga Life in 2018— the essential steps you need to keep motivated & stay consistent to see REAL progress

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The routine I’ve followed for the last 3 years that can help you double your strength and flexibility in just one month of practice!
  • The top 3 reasons that we don’t follow through on our goals, and how to change them!
  • The vital component to staying motivated & consistent in your yoga practice so that you can finally feel content, balanced & happy with your daily life

All you need to do is sign up right here!