You started practicing yoga with BIG GOALS– to get strong, fit & flexible while finally getting some peace of mind. You pictured yourself practicing yoga every single day— doing the splits, wheel pose, meditating, doing arm balances and generally kicking butt while feeling relaxed and calm.

But, in all honesty, you’re a bit ashamed of the lifestyle you actually live. Work is crazy, you’re barely motivated enough to do yoga a few times a week and those splits…yea, they’re a little harder than you thought! Oh, and you’re over thinking mind would rather have you scrolling through social media than stepping on your yoga mat. You want to challenge yourself and feel that sense of achievement, but it’s a lot harder to keep consistent than you thought. All you can do is blame yourself — why can’t you do better?

Trust me, I get it.

I was in your shoes just 3 years ago. Struggling to gain strength & forcing myself into yoga poses while having no idea if I was doing them properly, to the point of a few totally preventable injuries.

There were 2 things I had to master to get to where I am today: the mind-body connection of yoga and CONSISTENCY.

You’re not going to get better at yoga when you don’t know how to do yoga effectively in the first place. You need to understand HOW to stretch effectively and HOW to build strength so that you can get to where you want to be without practicing aimlessly week to week.

When I started implementing a routine & strategy to my schedule that focused on deepening my yoga practice, I went from barely being able to touch my toes to doing the splits, getting over my fear of being upside down and being able to meditate every single day without a million thoughts in my head that were telling me that I was doing it all wrong!

And once I did that my whole life started to change.

I developed more confidence in my body and in myself, learned how to control my thoughts and finally got rid of my anxiety. I figured out how to shut my mind off and let go of the need for control in every situation.  

The reality is…most yoga classes don’t even get close to teaching you about how to get into advanced poses properly.

And they definitely don’t go far enough with explaining sayings like “melt open your heart” or “breathe into your ribs” .

What the heck does that even mean?

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Practice any yoga pose you want without pain, strain or worrying whether or not you’re doing it properly
  • Feel confident and in control of your body, your mind & your health every single day
  • Do the things you love without worry— being truly present around your friends, kids, partner without having to overthink everything
  • Free yourself from worry, shame & guilt and lead a carefree, healthy lifestyle?


I’ve worked with hundreds of women on these exact issues and that’s what this program is all about.

It’s a proven formula that brings together all of the essentials of the physical & mental yoga practice to get you calm, strong & flexible in no time.


Learn my EXACT STRATEGIES I’ve built to advance your yoga practice physically, mentally & spiritually. This is a proven system that I’ve been using on myself and my 1:1 clients to become more calm & anxiety free while dramatically increasing physical strength & flexibility.

Finally get that sense of achievement in your yoga practice that makes you feel like you can conquer anything in life!

I did Sara’s program because I wanted to get back into yoga. I was on and off and it was hard for me to get back into a routine. I loved the way that yoga made me feel but I wanted to get more consistent. Working with Sara has helped me develop strength, flexibility and has helped my balance immensely. I always feel sore after practicing with Sara, which I know means that I got a workout and stretching my muscles out always feels good. Plus, my breath is much slower and relaxed and it’s really helped me to relax overall. Sara also really helped me discover the value of meditation. I always had a hard time with that, even in yoga class. But now that I’ve worked with her, I feel like I can meditate easier and there are so many benefits! It helps me focus, it prepares me for my day and it helps me keep a positive outlook on life. 

I am so grateful for you Sara! Your energy and positivity is contagious. I really feel the personalized effort you make in our sessions and the follow up emails.

Muriel Navarro

What’s included in the 8 week program:

  • 8 modules identifying the different areas of yoga poses, how to advance them & how they connect with your mental & spiritual wellbeing
  • An 8 week done for you yoga training schedule so that you always know what yoga practice to do & when to do it
  • 5 short 20-30 minute yoga videos every single week to gradually increase your strength & flexibility 
  • A new & challenging 60 minute yoga video each week to advance your practice
  • 1 live yoga/group coaching call each week so that you can connect with the women in the program and learn to do your yoga poses properly
  • Worksheets to help you banish your negative self talk & take your mindset work to another level
  • Personalized feedback on your alignment and progress
  • Unparalleled support — with weekly group calls & a private Facebook group, you’ll get all the support & accountability you need!
  • PLUS– LIFETIME ACCESS TO THIS PROGRAM — here’s the thing– I’m always going to be trying to improving the program in the future, but you’ll be getting all of that at this price. 

The beauty of this program is that it’s a comprehensive strength & flexibility based workout program AND a SISTERHOOD that fuses all aspects of your yoga practice to help you uplevel your entire life.

I’m amazed at how my hips opened up since I started working with Sara. When I joined I was only thinking of my physical well being. As I started working it was like a tidal wave of what emotions I had inside. Yoga has become a way for my body to release what I have inside be it good or challenging. I learned that discomfort is ok. I can breathe through it and come out stronger. The great part of it is that you don’t stay the same you stretch further deeper grow and change.  With Sara’s caring support I grew in so many ways.

Carie Bedard


We set you up for success in week 1 by getting you set up with a schedule, reaffirming your goals & setting up your space. Overcome any negative thoughts & judgement about yourself and abilities and learn my top strategies for keeping motivated & consistent.

 In week 2 we teach you how to backbend without getting a sore lower back, how to develop consistent strength & how to get more energy, confidence & compassion from your yoga practice.

Learn how to do incredible twists that detox your body without hurting your back, how to move with your breath & how to let go & declutter your life of what doesn’t serve you in week 3.

In week 4 we work on learning proper alignment for balancing postures and how grounding helps to reduce stress & anxiety.

Learn how to fire up your deep core muscles, develop discipline & confidence in your practice and banish negative self talk in week 5.

Learn the principles of flexibility, how to practice flexibility properly and effectively, the benefits of forward folds & how to find your daily calm in week 6.

Ever wonder about what yoga you can do if you’re sick or just plain exhausted? We’ll cover that in week 7, as well as how to weave self care into your day to take care of the crazy

We’re putting everything we learn together this week! Learn how to structure your yoga practice, when to practice what & how to create your own flow


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Here’s What People Are Saying About the Sisterhood…

Sara has made me fall in love with yoga, but I just couldn’t get into a solid routine. The guilt I felt for not practicing consistently grew, but I just didn’t believe I could stick to it every day. Being tired after work or obligations always got in the way. The Sisterhood program helped me fix all that! Sara shared her strategies for getting on the mat each day, supplemented with a yoga workout schedule and intimate group coaching. During our coaching calls each week she answered all my questions, silenced my worries and solved any problems I had with alignment or motivation issues. Because of this quick program, I now practice everyday, whether for ten minutes or an hour! Her strategies helped me to stay motivated and confident, silencing those negative voices in the back of my head. It’s so worth it!!!!

Brittany Seki

I joined the Sisterhood because I wanted a change. I loved the group coaching calls and the live yoga sessions, my body felt so good afterwards and I can definitely see improvements in my strength and flexibility. Plus, some of the stuff we talked about I had never even thought of before. I totally recommend you give this program a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Lia Gracheva


I understand that you might have doubts about whether or not this is right for you. I offer refunds to all clients within the first 7 days of your purchase (minus a 10% administration fee). If you are not satisfied with the program, then simply send an email to sara [at] and I will refund your purchase right away. My goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the program or are not enjoying the experience, then I have no interest in forcing you to stay.

This program is perfect for you if…

  • You love yoga and want to advance your practice but struggle to stay consistent and motivated
  • You want to learn more about the mental aspects of yoga and how it can help you be free of anxiety and lead a carefree, calm life
  • You’re afraid to do yoga on your own because you don’t want to get injured


This program is NOT for you if…

  • You’ve NEVER done yoga before or don’t do any type of physical activity. Ever.– I wouldn’t want this to be too much over your head, love! Check out my Yoga Body for Life program, it’s 100% beginner friendly!
  • You can’t put in a short amount of time (5-30 minutes) a day to get stronger, calmer & more flexible
  • You love your excuses and can’t get away from them


O hey there, Gorgeous…

I’m Sara, certified yoga instructor and founder of I’m on a serious mission to empower high stress women to advance their yoga practices so that they can become stronger while getting into a carefree & calm peace of mind when they’re on their yoga mats, in the middle of a high stress work deadline or dealing with a child with a serious temper tantrum. I want to teach you that calm isn’t just found on the yoga mat, you can develop that muscle off of your mat, too. When I turned to yoga, it not only helped me get physically toned but it also helped me leaps and bounds with my mental health and feeling inspired and motivated to live a healthy life. The videos and content of this program are the exact tools I used to transform my own body, mind and life and I am handing these over to you.


Registration is Currently Closed. Be the first to know when the doors open again!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m really busy, can I do this on my own schedule?

Totally, I’m busy too!

All of your program materials are easily downloadable and are available 24/7. Each yoga video is 30 minutes or less with the option of doing a longer video on the weekends for added strength & flexibility. With lifetime access, you can always come back to any of the course materials at any time.

I’m a beginner, this is beginner friendly?

Yes and no.

My truest answer is it depends. If you’re already somewhat active or have been an active person in your recent past, let’s do this! But if you haven’t really moved your body much within the last few years I wouldn’t recommend it. The videos in this program are challenging– they’re meant to bring you up to an intermediate to advanced level. But do check out my Yoga Body for Life program as it’s much more beginner friendly 🙂

When does the program start?

The program runs 8 weeks from October 15 -Dec 9 2017. You can either do the program and the live calls with the other women in the group or, if you prefer, you can go through all of the material on your own & on your own time. Remember, you have lifetime access to it!

What is your refund policy?

I understand that you might have doubts about whether or not this is right for you. I offer refunds to all clients within the first 7 days of your purchase (minus a 10% administration fee). If you are not satisfied with the program, then simply send an email to sara [at] and I will refund your purchase right away. My goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community. If you are not thrilled with the program or are not enjoying the experience, then I have no interest in forcing you to stay.

I’m in a different timezone than you, when will the live calls be done? What if I miss a call?

I’ll be asking all of the women in the group what their preferred time is…so it totally depends! You’ll always be able to submit your questions beforehand and will receive the live recording of the call each and every week. Plus, with daily action going on in the Facebook group, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to connect and ask questions even if you miss a call!

Can I ask you more questions before making a purchase?

I would love to talk to you beforehand! Send me an email at sara [at] and let’s chat about your goals!


Registration is Currently Closed. Be the first to know when the doors open again!